Enjin’s CTO talks about Blockchain Gaming (podcast)

The engine is currently one of the major game winners and one of the major projects involving Metavers Space.

Simply put, Engin helps teams embody all aspects of their digital journey. In short, the project provides an ecosystem of blockchain-based gaming products that are interconnected. Its main offer is engine network.

That said, the whole project has gained a lot of attention and prominence lately due to the fast-growing game space as well as all the hype surrounding the concept of Metaverse.

In this interview we sit down with Witek Radomski, CTO of Engin – a longtime proponent of cryptocurrency, an early adopter, and author of Ethereum Reform Proposition 1155. We’ve discussed a number of exciting topics, including the goal of the engine, the current promotion. What is behind P2E space and metavers.

Bitcoin from Ethereum and Engin. So far,
Radomsky has revealed that he first heard about Bitcoin in 2011-2012 from a friend who was a “futurist.” Ironically, he described how excited his friend was about his white paper and how “one day it would be worth a dollar.”

At that time the price was very low. That’s the funny thing about how it has evolved backwards. At the moment they have tried it, but are not really impressed with the overall UX.

“I went ahead and installed Bitcoin QT and it was a really bad experience. I thought – who will use? It looked like one of those digital coins.

Radomsky admits he did not read the white paper at the time – a mistake. However, even at this point he noticed that a lot of people were buying graphics cards to mine Bitcoin, only then did he start to learn more about it and become a part of the community.

Nevertheless, he expressed interest in a power that is similar to the Ethereum Smart Agreement. He didn’t really get involved until 2013, and he revealed that the idea of ​​Ethereum touched him particularly.

“The idea of ​​Etherium was very moving when I first heard about it. I still don’t understand ICO.

The CTO of the engine says it is looking at drafting a smart deal and what Ethereum has done is unprecedented. This is why the transformation of the smart contract community has been smooth. However, he also told us that Engine was a company at the time that sought to integrate gaming guilds and online groups, provide server solutions, etc., and was the first to introduce BTC payments.

Engine and Affinity: Entering the blockchain game
As explained earlier, the goal of the engine is to allow someone to symbolize every part of their digital journey without committing to the whole team.

“Our ultimate goal is that when people enter a virtual universe or metavars or game, they can send and receive tokens, have a digital identity that holds their power and lasts for thousands of years. Because the blockchain isn’t going to stop it, according to Radomsky.

He mentions a very obvious and painful (for many gamers) where many of the games he played at the time have already stopped.

“It simply came to our notice then. I hope it’s just for the price of nostalgia, but all my digital history stays with me.

As Cryptopotato reported in early November, the engine has launched a 100 million fundraiser to tap into the Metaverse domain and help build teams there.

Speaking on the subject, Vitek said:

“We want game developers who are experimenting with great ideas. Anyone who wants to go to Metaverse has some support.” According to Radomsky. “Sometimes if someone has an interesting and experimental idea for Metavers, it can be difficult to get funding through traditional channels.”

Trendy Metavers and P2E
When it comes to the current state of the art game to win (P2E), although it is undoubtedly one of the most popular trends today, it goes without saying that the current game’s UX and overall gameplay is at least

One of the things Radomsky talked about in our interviews was the fact that current games are still experimental and in no way able to compete with the gameplay of games received from developers in Triple: “It’s like an e-mail on the Internet,” he said.

However, he also said that “this is an inspiration to game developers on how they can use blockchain in their existing games. I’ve talked to some of the biggest game developers in space over the last few years, thinking it would work. ” It simply came to our notice then.

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