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Hello and welcome to the Daily Crunch on December 1, 2021! Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. The law? Probably not, but in the alternative good news, the Brian Hetter Robotics Newsletter was launched yesterday. It is said to give the highest kick to the actuator and back.

Top 3 TechCrunch

China may ban foreign IPOs: Big news from a major startup market, as the report says the Chinese government could block a system that allows domestic technology companies to list on foreign stock exchanges. Alibaba and others have used this technology, opening the door to greater economic and technological barriers between China and the rest of the world.

The match was settled with Tinder’s co-founders: allegations that “IAC and its partner match group manipulated financial data” to give Tinder a lower rating when it was merged into a larger company cost $ 400 million. Settled for more than this is a beautiful bucket of duck.

Taxpayers’ money to support Chinese surveillance? In an important article, TechCrunch’s Jack Whitaker wrote that “at least three US federal agencies, including the military, have purchased Chinese-made CCTV equipment that has been banned for use by the federal government.” Not good!

Startups / VC

Before diving into the much-hyped news about startups, another 3D printing company went public! Through a SPAC! This time it is Austin-based Essenium. Note that desktop metal has previously been made public through SPAC. Its shares were trading at $ 34.94. Today it is priced at 6.08 per share.

From coaching to mother-in-law: The coaching staff is a big issue, but it’s its foundation, a humanitarian game. This means a marginal margin. Soundboard moved from the world of coaching to the coaching software industry, which helped take him to the $ 30 million Series B. Jazz Venture Partners, a company I had never heard of before.

Butter wants to cut the churning: To avoid making butter and churning jokes before reaching this newsletter, suffice it to say that Butter, a startup, is in the anti-churn game. Yes, butter does not want you to churn it yourself. See? Impossible to escape. However, the company added $ 7 million to its account to protect businesses from losing revenue due to payment problems.

What is AI used for? Many, it turns out. Our own Devin Koldavi notes how AI is showing promise as a solution to both protein production and math. Startup, be careful!

And speaking of AI, Sydney-based Harrison.AI has raised $ 129 million (AUD) for the development of medical technology using artificial intelligence.

Goalsetter tackles youth financial literacy: Let’s be clear, most people are bad for money. This is for a number of reasons, among which is the general fact that financial education in the United States is better than less. Goalsetar, a child-centered financial platform, seeks to address this issue by combining child benefits and access to money to learn more.

Republic Aquarius Cedar: The Republic assists private market stock trading in the United States. Cedars UK has helped companies with equity round funding. From now on, thanks to the 100 million deal, the American company will own the European group.

Do You Want a Credit Card? Buying legal marijuana in the United States is a headache, thanks to both historically racist laws and neo-Puritan power. Either way, Supernet has created a credit card that will work for and with the dispensary. A small step, but a welcome one.

Nuro + 7/11 = Autonomous Delivery in California: Yes, another week, another news of a small self-driving service entering the market. While I’m not sure if Slurry Delivery is the real killer app for standalone delivery, I’ll try for some other reason to encourage it further.

And if you need more, the equity team recently looked at founders questions, CEO rankings and when a company can surpass its ancestor as CEO. Direction.

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