‘The Bard’s Tale’ comes to visually impaired gamers

For original Xbox and PS2 fans, Tale of the Bird is a legendary title filled with satirical jokes, brilliant role-playing material, and a murder story of the late Tony J. Practically inaccessible to blind and visually impaired players. It will end this month, when The Tale of the Bard’s Warlock of Largefern arrives on Amazon Alexa.

The Bard’s Tale: Warlock of Largefern is an audio action RPG adapted from the original game. It offers four character classes with deep customization, as well as companionship, turn-based combat systems and an open-world environment (as opposed to the most well-known linear storyline of the Tale of the Bird). .

Since The Bard’s Tale: Warlock of Largefern works on Echo dot smart speakers and features only voice commands, it is a game accessible to those who are visually impaired, visually impaired or visually impaired. This is true of most Alexa games, but Tale of the Bird is special because it has adapted from a well-known title on consoles and PCs.

For eco-show smart display users, The Bard’s Tale: Warlock of Largefern features custom hand-drawn illustrations for characters, environments and combat. But this art is not entirely complementary and does not affect the basic gameplay.

Poptale tells us that The Bard’s Tale: Warlock of Largefern will launch on Amazon Alexa in December 2021. When it is available, you can say “Alexa, Open Tale of Bard” to start the game.

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